6-8 July 2018Heraklion, Crete island, Greece

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  Friday 6 July Saturday 7 July Sunday 8 July
12:15-13:45   Workshop 201-ND
"Milonga Lisa & Milonga con Traspie"
Nikos Dalamagkas
Workshop 301-JS
"How to manage the MUSIC. Study of the typical music structure, control the differents rhythms and melodies"
Juan & Stefania
14:00-15:30   Workshop 202-GE
"Women Technique with Georgia"
Georgia Epitropaki
Workshop 302-LN
"The origin and intention of the movement in the couple"
Lucas & Naima
15:45-17:15   Workshop 203-LN
"Old milonguero figures"
Lucas & Naima
Workshop 303-JS
"Giros with enrosque. Change speed & Master the Lapiz"
Juan & Stefania
17:30-19:00   Workshop 204-JS
"Technique for the couple. Walk, pisada, use of free leg, use of the base leg, embrace, communication and musical expression"
Juan & Stefania
Workshop 304-JS
"How to build a variacion. Study of different elements for speed. For the couple: giros and cortes, for the woman: voleos and contra voleos, for the man: use of the space, leg work in speed and enrosques"
Juan & Stefania
19:15-20:45 Workshop 105-JS (this workshop will be at 20:00-21:15)
"Women Technique with Stefania: Defining the axes with and without dissociation. Use of the dissociation for smoother or sharper pivots. Use of the pivot for different ochos. Difference between forwards, backwards, round, lineal, down, up and contra voleos"
Workshop 205-JS
"Technique for the couple. Embrace, posture, different walks, work on the dissociation and study of the paradas"
Juan & Stefania
Workshop 305-LN
"Elements to build sequences with sacadas and voleos for the pista"
Lucas & Naima
22:00-... Friday Milonga & Shows Saturday Milonga & Shows Sunday Milonga & Shows

View the schedule in pdf format or as a jpg image.


About Milongas
The milongas will have a restrickted number of participants. So please buy your entrance tickets as soon as possible. If you just appear at the door for the milongas maybe there is no more tickets and you won't be able to get in.

About Shows
All 3 milongas will have shows of the maestros and guests.

About workshops
The wokshops have a duration of 1.5 hour (90 minutes) each. You can register as a single dancer. There is no need to have a partner in order to register. We take care of the equal amount of men and women.