28-30 June 2019Heraklion, Crete island, Greece

Dal.gr | Sunnytango.com 2019


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  Friday 28 June 2019 Saturday 29 June 2019 Sunday 30 June 2019 Monday 1 July 2019
12:00-13:30   Workshop 201-CN
"Women Technique with Noelia"
Workshop 301-CN
"Cadenas Extended sequences"
Carlitos & Noelia
13:45-15:15   Workshop 202-GV
"Beautiful vaivén for the pista"
Gabriel &Vassia
Workshop 302-GV
"Giro, Mingo Pugliese system"
Gabriel &Vassia
15:30-17:00 Registration Desk
"Registration desk will open at 17:00. It will be open continiously until the end of the festival, during workshops and milongas"
STF team
Workshop 203-GV
"Interesting changes of direction"
Gabriel &Vassia
Workshop 303-CN
"Sacadas: Adopting different body positions according to the movement we want to do"
Carlitos & Noelia
17:15-18:45 Workshop 104-ND
"Milonga Lisa & Milonga con Traspie"
Nikos Dalamagkas
Workshop 204-CN
"Musicality: Rhythmic combinations in linear structures "
Carlitos & Noelia
Workshop 304-CN
"The importance of the music for the connection.
Details on being literal, melodic, rhythmic. Proposing a musical idea"

Carlitos & Noelia
Workshop 403-CN
"Women Technique with Noelia" (2nd group, at Tango Salon, Heraklion)
19:00-20:30 Workshop 105-CN
"Vintage sequences"
Carlitos & Noelia
Workshop 205-CN
"Sequences with Voleos"
Carlitos & Noelia
Workshop 305-GV
"Lápices y enrosques for women and men"
Gabriel &Vassia
22:00-... Friday Milonga
DJ: Panos Nikoletos
Shows: Giannis & Lydia, Gabriel & Vassia
Saturday Milonga
DJ: Iv Manos
Shows: Pablo & Anne, Carlitos & Noelia
Sunday Milonga
DJ: Marinella Vlady
Shows: Baile de los maestros


About Milongas
The milongas will have a restricted number of participants. So please buy your entrance tickets as soon as possible. If you just appear at the door for the milongas maybe there is no more tickets and you won't be able to get in.

About Shows
All 3 milongas will have shows of the maestros and guests.

About workshops
The wokshops have a duration of 1.5 hour (90 minutes) each. You can register as a single dancer. There is no need to have a partner in order to register. We take care of the equal amount of men and women.