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Juan Martin Carrara - Stefania Colina

Tango Salón dancers and Choreoraphers

They won the 2009 Intercontinental Tango Salón Championship and Uruguayan Tango Salón Championship in 2012. Young, extremely talented and diligent, they dance with an immense respect for the tradition and the music, and yet keep working on new forms of expression and their own development in the salon and on the stage. Being extremely popular teachers in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and the entire world, their classes allow one to hear and feel what is most intangible in tango. Their exquisite musicality, charm and sensibility have won them many hearts in all over the globe.

Juan Martin Carrara

started his dancing career when he was 13 years old as a ballet and contemporary dancer and an actor of musical comedy. At the age of 16 he entered in the Nacional Academy of Dance of Uruguay and was selected for the "Young Ballet", touring all the theatres of the region as a performer of modern and clasic Ballet. After a few years he met with tango and at the same time with Stefanía Colina, and fell in love with both.

Stefania Colina

started her career as a ballet and contemporary dancer in the "Orlama" School at the age of 4 year-old. She graduated at 17, after 13 years of intense training and became a teacher of the school. During that time she had the opportunity to experience many dance styles that were taught as a complement to ballet, that is how she met with tango and Juan Martin, and from that day started a passionate life-changing story for both of them.

Together they left all they had

in Uruguay and moved almost immediately to Buenos Aires with nothing more than their intense desire to dance and teach tango. After a few years of working hard at improving their level and knowledge, they won the "Intercontinental Championship" in 2009 and the Uruguayan Tango salon Champinship in 2012.
Since then, they have been teaching and dancing around the world. They perform regularly in the milongas of Buenos Aires with prestigious orchestras such as "Color Tango" "Los Reyes del Tango" "Orquestra Sans Souci", "Orquestra Mariano Mores". Their fame and uniqueness comes from their elegance, sensuality and musicality. They are also known for their successful and engaging teaching method.
In the last years they have been in some of the most important festivals from Europe.

Lucas Gauto - Naima Gerasopoulou

Lucas Gauto

began his involvement with Tango at the age of 9 in Argentina and has since achieved many successes including the 3rd place in the World Championship in Buenos Aires Tango in the category Tango de Pista and 1st place in the Metropolitano Championship of Buenos Aires in the categories Vals and Milongueros del Mundo. He has taught in schools and milongas of Buenos Aires and Cordoba and has been featured in major milongas of Buenos Aires and in Festival of Argentina and Europe with great Argentinean dancers and maestros.

Naima Gerasopoulou

began her involvement with dance at an early age, initially with classic ballet and rhythmic gymnastics at competitive level while also dealt with other types of dance. But when she met Tango, she dedicated exclusively to it. In 2014 she won first place in the contest Tango Acropolis (Meditarranean & Eastern Tango Championship) in the category Tango de pista. Since then she has counted many participations in Greek and International Festivals, giving lessons and shows alongside some of the greatest names of the international tango scene.

Their common course starts

in August 2015 in Argentina. Together they obtained the 9th position in the Mundial del Tango en Buenos Aires in 2017. Their dance and their lessons are based on the deep understanding of the art and the use of the body in every movement and in the creation of respect and love for the culture of Argentine tango and its traditions. Follow them to discover the communication through the embrace of tango and experience intense emotions.


Giannis Kavvas - Georgia Papadogianni

Giannis Kavvas

He first came into contact with Argentinean tango in 2011 as a student in the dance field of the National and Technical University of Athens. Since then he began to attend intensive classes near Argentine dancers. The attendance of exclusive lessons next to his main teacher Gabriel Marino contributed to the deeper knowledge of the tango and the Argentine culture that accompanies it. At the same time, his general interest in dancing led him to attend classical and contemporary dance classes, aiming at the acquisition of a wider dance education.

Georgia Papadogianni

She started her involvement with dance in 2009, where she dealt mostly with the traditional dances. In 2011 she came into first contact with tango in her home country, Sparti. In 2015 she came to Athens to study economics and alongside she attended many classes and seminars next to important Greek and Argentine teachers and dancers. She believes that improvisation, musicality and communication between the couple are some of the elements that makes tango a unique dance.

Their common course

Their joint journey began a year ago, and since then they have begun to teach lessons and give shows. Their dance and lessons are based on the deep understanding of the technique of the steps and communication between the couple, faithfully following the tradition of the original tango salon.



Ilias Mouzourakis

Ilias was born and grew up in Rhodes, Greece. He is a preschool teacher and has completed his postgraduate studies in Environmental Science. Once he was introduced into Tango, he was enchanted. In 2011 he created RodosTango and since then he has been teaching and sharing knowledge, experiences as well as the philosophy of the Argentine tango through courses and practicas. As a host and dj he organizes on a weekly basis Tango nights, milonga “La Nochera” and big events with participants from different places around the world. He travels very often to play music as DJ, to dance and attend courses initiated by the most important tango instructors. His aspiration is to make known and further tango, to offer knowledge and promote the personality of the dancers through their tango dancing in the context of communication and respect.