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Carlos Espinoza - Noelia Hurtado

Carlos and Noelia

Noelia is a dancer with an unusual quality of movements. Her dance, fast and responsive modulates the energies of the dancer and the dance music fusing them into a soft and smooth aura. Each tango's harshness is softened to the extent that the couple looks as if it was dancing in the air rather than to the ground. Her training as a dancer of traditional tango anchors her style to the true uncompromising salon tradition, but with her softness defeats its rigidity.

Noelia made an intense investigation with important maestros acquiring the style and forms of tango as a popular dance as well as the new tendencies, thus merging the traditional essence with modern tango trying to combine the attributes of traditional tango with new elements and techniques of contemporary tango.

Carlitos Espinoza became Noelia's dance partner in 2011. Always a fan of the close embrace, he defines his dance as a mix between tradition and evolution, complementing the dynamics tango has today with its roots in the traditional milonguero style. Over the past couple of years, both Noelia and Carlitos have become requested teachers and performers at various festivals all over the world.

Carlos and Noelia are probably one of the most famous couples in the world. Both already have huge experience in teaching and. They are a perfect example when love of the dance and pure talent meet. The past doesn’t matter anymore. Dance of Carlos and Noelia combines both the tradition of classical style tango salon, with their breathtaking beauty of close embrace, as well as the new dynamics and energy , that makes one believe that a couple is dancing on the air!
Carlitos and Noelia have –apart of their own projects- been working together since 2011. Their unmistakable style is marked by its origin, the milonguero style. Their dynamics and musicality, their transfer of the music into the movements of the body turn their dance into an extremely sensual experience.

Carlos Espinoza

He is a dynamic young milonguero style dancer who has been dancing for the last eighteen years in Argentina and Chile and has instructed at plenty of festivals and workshops in Europe and South America gaining a fiercely-loyal following worldwide.

One of Carlito's first tango teacher was Carlos Malone and Sergio Natario, who taught him the importance of walking. In 1998 Carlitos began teaching in Argentina and Chile and in 2001, in Europe. Word quickly spread and since 2004 he has instructed in Europe almost full-time. When Carlitos is not touring he resides in Santiago, Chile where he instructs group classes and gives private classes to a seemingly endless stream of advanced students who arrive daily from around the world to work with him.

Dance Style
Carlitos dances an authentic close-embrace milonguero style tango. His personal dance style is characterized by a rare combination of extreme dynamism, profound musicality, energy, precision, and a very grounded and elegant walk.

Teaching Style
As an instructor, Carlitos is masterful. He works on multiple levels with students, simultaneously developing technique and mechanics while challenging the student’s interior landscape, and their process of conceptualizing while they lead or follow.

Noelia Hurtado

In 2003, Noelia Hurtado met her previous dance partner Pablo Rodriguez in the famous Club Sunderland where they started their artistic career together. They studied intensively with maestros Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte with whom they learned the basics of the well-known Villa Urquiza style. Noelia and Pablo went on to study with important maestros to form their unique style that combined both traditional and new. They merged the attributes of Villa Urquiza tango and milonga with new elements and techniques of contemporary tango. In 2006 they were selected as Metropolitan Champions of Tango Salon of Buenos Aires and Metropolitan Sub-Champions of Milonga. In August 2011, after 8 fantastic years together, Noelia and Pablo decided to go their separate ways opening the way for an incredible new partnership with Carlitos Espinoza.

Dance Style
Noelia is a very rounded dancer, from her grounding with the Villa Urquiza Maestro Carlos Perez she has gone on to add her own personal touch to her dance creating an almost unique style that epitomizes close embrace, elegance, with energetic dynamism that quite simply takes your breath away.

Teaching Style
Noelia is known as the Queen of embellishments and this can clearly be seen both in her performances and her teaching. Noelia’s instruction epitomizes active following and she excels in teaching when, where and how to add style to your dance.

Gabriel Marino - Vassia Thanopoulou

Gabriel Sebastian Marino

Gabriel Marino was born in Rosario, Argentina. He studied Tango Argentino, traditional dances, contemporary and ballet in Argentina.
He participated as a dancer in the dance of Inaqui Urlezaga & Maximiliano Guerra and had the honor to repeatedly dance in "Teatro Colon" in Buenos Aires (2003-2004).

Chosen by a committee of four renowned choreographers from the Ministry of Culture in Buenos Aires for performances at CETC romm's the Teatro Colon de Buenos Aires (2007/8).

He participated in tango performances with choreographers Julio Zurita and Leonardo Cuello (video clip PA'BAILAR-Bajofondo). He has danced in Buenos Aires in different Tango Shows: Café Tortoni (2005), Homero Manzi, Candilejas etc. He made intensive courses with the most important representatives of Tango Salon.
(2006) participated in the play Les nuits de l'enfant Roi (Versailles, France) of Tangokinesis dance group, which was a combination of modern, traditional dance and tango (choreographies Stekelman).
(2007) came to Athens with the dance group "Tango Malambo" in Athens Circus. He participated four times in Tangogreece Festival.

In July 2011 won the title of European champion in tango escenario (European championship -Torino, Italy). Also was a finalist in the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires (Campeonato mundial de tango 2010). Choreographed and danced in theatrical MALA JUNTA - El ultimo tango (2010-11).

He studied music at Escuela Nacional de Musica de Rosario and Universidad Nacional de Rosario. The past year he is performing in Tango en Eros dance company in the most prestigious theaters in Greece

Vassia Thanopoulou

Vassia Thanopoulou had her first approach to Tango in 2009 at the age of 21 and professionally three years later. She taught from 2012 until 2016 in the dance school Baile de Barrio with her teacher and partner Costas Nicolaides. Together they have presented their work in Milongas of Athens, in the province as well as in Milonga Che Bailarin (Zotto Tango Academy) in Milan.

She have made television appearances and participated to give seminars and Shows to the following festivals: Sunny Tango Festival (2013), 7th and 8th Athens Tango Festival, Tango Lovers Festival and Todos Tango Festival (2016). She has also participated in theatrical Tango Brujo together with Sebastian Misse - Andrea Reyero. Her Key teachers are Miguel Angel Zotto - Daiana Guspero and Sebastian Misse - Andrea Reyero and has attended seminars with: Silvio La Via, Lorena Ermocida, Javier Rodriguez, Geraldine Rojas - Ezequiel Paludi, Leandro Oliver - Laila Rezk, Roberto Zuccarino - Samantha Dispari, Valeria Maside, Paola Tacchetti, Natasha Lewinger.

As from September 2016 she is working with Gabriel Marino and teach together in his dance school El Abrazo. They appear with the Compania Tango en Eros and Mora Godoy at the Herodium and soon will appear in Palace with the same team including Geraldine Rojas - Ezequiel Paludi.


Pablo Rodriguez - Anne Bertreau

Pablo & Anne

Combined, they have over 20 years of teaching experience and have been dancing together since 2010. They develop their own elegant style where their intention is to integrate the techniques of both Traditional and Modern Tango with emphasis on the connection and expression.

They are the founders of Tango Space the biggest Tango school in London, and recently opened a new tango school in Paris. They teach international Intensive Tango weekends and also regular online classes in YouTube with followed by thousands of dancers from all over the world.

Pablo Rodriguez:
Was born in Argentina and comes from a family of milongueros. He started dancing Tango in Buenos Aires in 2001, studying with different maestros and milongueros, He says that he learnt the technique and the steps with teachers and Tango in the milongas. Pablo is fascinated by Tango in all its forms, its effects, and the intricate links between physical and mental well-being. He loves helping and watching students develop, and believes Tango is a lifelong learning process: a dedicated, regular and pleasant dancing can only bring forth increased energy and happiness.

Anne Bertreau:
Is French and shares her life between Paris and London. A dancer from an early aged, she studied physical theatre before discovering tango and choosing it as her dance. She believes the most beautiful thing about tango is the ability to co-create and work in partnership but also loves that it is such a social and creative world. She loves watching her students blossom through the dance, and the fact that tango is a life-long journey: they is always more to discover.

Giannis Sapatoris - Lydia Dunez

More info about Giannis and Lydia soon...


Iv Manos

"I love your energy" this is the best comment that he gets when he is djing.
Started djing in Athens local practicas and milongas in 2013 and since then he has been djing around Greece and Europe for tango events.
He tries to keep the energy flowing and loves watching the smile on people’s faces while dancing!!
He loves playing tandas from the late 30’s to early 50’s of traditional recordings!! See you on the dancefloor!!!

Panos Nikoletos

He started djing immediately when he started dancing. For more than a decade now, he played music in almost all the milongas in Athens, around Greece and in Europe.
He honored to dj to one of the most iconic milongas in the world, in Salón Canning Parakultural, in front of a demanding Argentinian audience.
He loves to try new things mixing old and new orquestas always for the delight of the protagonists... The dancers.

Marinella Vlady

At first it was music... It was ‘love from the very first note’, which continues to the present days! Driven by this undying passion Marinella Vlady have been dancing, teaching, organizing events and DJ-ing for six years in a row…

She is a traditional tango DJ, with a taste for the Golden Age of Tango. The formation of her style is supported by her experience in event organizations and most of all meeting and working with many popular and preferred tango DJs from Argentina and Europe. She gained valuable experience from them and adopted the practice of monitoring constantly the dance floor and paying special attention to the changing energy and emotions of the dancers as well.

Marinella Vlady is the founder and organizer of three annual international tango events in Bulgaria - Varna SUMMER Tango Marathon, Balkan Tango Weekend and Bulgaria CLOSE EMBRACE Tango Marathon. She have been traveling around Europe for several years to play music at different milongas, festivals and marathons.